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Network Pen and Touch Interactive WXGA Projector


BenQ MW855UST 3500 Lumens WXGA Network Pen and Touch Interactive Projector

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The BenQ MW855UST is the ideal classroom interactive projector solution. Delivers 3500 lumens bright image with large, easy to read text and graphics with crisp shadow details and rich, accurate colors. Its ultra-short throw design can deliver 100” diagonal image from a distance of only 32”, enabling teachers to present their lessons free from projection light in their eyes, while its powerful 20W stereo output ensures lessons are clearly heard. Students will enjoy collaborative interactive learning with PointWrite™ pen and finger Touch optional interactive features.

Key Features

  • Native WXGA (1280 x 800) Resolution
  • 3,500 ANSI Lumens, 10,000:1 High Contrast Ratio
  • 8% Vertical Lens Shift
  • Up to 6000 hours lamp life
  • PointWrite Interactive Kit Compatible
  • Wall Mount Included



More effective teachers, more engaged students

Ultra short-throw projectors enable teachers to be more effective by delivering large, bright, engaging images, free from harsh projection light in the eyes and distracting shadows.

More effective teachers, more engaged students

Quick and Easy Installation

Lens Shift for installation flexibility

Offers additional installation flexibility by enabling installers to optically shift the image up or down up to 4% to overcome minor miscalculations during projector installation. Provides peace of mind, knowing the projected image will precisely land on the screen.

Lens Shift for installation flexibility

Wall Mount, Included

Designed to provide a secure, fast and easy projector installation experience, BenQ has added a number of helpful installation features into this latest generation wall mount. Easy Slide rails for fast and secure projector mounting, installation template to provide precise, easy-to-follow installation guidance and front-of-mount control knobs to provide precise final image alignment for maximum ease of installation.

Corner Fit Correction

Provides the ability to correct vertical and horizontal keystone errors introduced when the projector is placed off center from the screen. Ideal for use during quick setup tabletop presentations.

Corner Fit

The Innovation of BenQ Interactive solution

BenQ Interactive Learning Technology 
Foster Active Learning Through PointWrite Interactivity and Classroom Collaboration

Keeping students involved and engaged is a central tenant of the BenQ Smart Classroom philosophy – Outfitting the MW855UST with latest PointWrite pen interactive technology is a great way to let multiple students simultaneously contribute. BenQ brings interactive innovation and touch solutions to a new level of performance, ease of use and control, supporting flipped learning and engaging students like never before. Teachers now can turn any flat surface into an interactive whiteboard and get up to 4 students to simultaneously collaborate using PointWrite™ pens or plain fingers.

Foster Active Learning Through PointWrite Interactivity and Classroom Collaboration

SmartEco Lamp Saving Technology

Incorporating BenQ’s renowned SmartEco lamp saving Technology, the MW855UST not only offers greater energy savings, but continues to deliver amazing picture quality through this innovative technology. SmartEco mode is designed to use only the exact amount of lamp power the projector needs to deliver the best contrast and brightness performance. This feature enables the MW855UST to deliver uncompromised projection quality with the added benefit of reduced the total cost of ownership by extending the lamp life and lowering power consumption.

Normal Mode

Normal Mode
296W Projector Power Comsumption by Average

SmartEco Mode

SmartEco Mode
Enhanced Details in Darkened Scenes
163W Projector Power Comsumtion by Average

Eco Blank Mode

The Eco Blank feature allows users to blank or mute the projected image on the screen, affording privacy to search for files or documents while the desktop is not projected to the entire audience. When activated, Eco Blank automatically dims lamp power, therefore lowering total power consumption by up to 70%.

Full Power On

Full Power On
100%Lamp Power
Attention on the Projection Screen

Eco Blank Mode On

Eco Blank Mode On
30% Lamp Power at the Lowest
Attention on the Class Instructor

No Source Detected Mode

There will be times when a projector is turned on without a display source, such as a notebook or classroom PC connected. To avoid having a projector running at full lamp power, BenQ created the No Source Detected feature, which lowers the projector’s lamp brightness to 30 % after the projector has remained unconnected to a display source for more than three minutes.

Source Detected

Source Detected
100% Lamp Power

No Source Detected

No Source Detected
30% Lamp Power

Hassle-Free Projector Maintenance

Projector Management through LAN Control

LAN Control is designed to help IT managers perform day-to-day projector maintenance and repair tasks efficiently and effectively – offering them full access and control over every projector directly from their workstations. The MW855UST offers seamless support for the Crestron and AMX LAN Control system.

Projector Management through LAN Control

Dual Screen with Multiple Touch Capabilities

BenQ Dual Screen feature allows teachers to create an immersive learning experience by joining two PointWrite™ interactive projectors to generate an ultra-wide interactive image. This creates the opportunity for super-sized learning, helpful for teaching a variety of subjects, such as the solar system, virtual field trip around the world, or simply a great big canvas for co-creation.

Dual Screen with Multiple Touch Capabilities

PointWrite Features
PointWrite Features:

  • Supports up to 4 pens/ fingers
  • Effortless setup with only 1 second auto calibration*
  • Ultra-fast 0.016-second response time for a smooth, natural writing experience
  • Win8 native multi touch and gesture supported

*Calibration speed may vary depending on computer system.
**The function is available with optional PointWrite Kit.

Good Things Come in Short Distances

Zero Space Constraints

You don't need a big room or a lot of free ceiling space to create a big picture when you've got an ultra short-throw projector! Teachers can turn every corner into the perfect place for educational use.

Non Short-throw

Non Short-throw



Zero Shadow Disruptions

An ultra short-throw projector can be placed close to the screen in front of the class and well out of students' way, greatly decreasing the occurrences of shadow disruptions. Teachers can enjoy teaching without worrying about the class being interrupted.

Non Short-throw

Non Short-throw



Zero Eye-Blinding Lights

An ultra short-throw projector keeps the projector light from shining directly into everyone's eyes. The intensity of the projector beam may be potentially harmful. So it's for the best to keep it out of the way.

Non Short-throw

Non Short-throw



MX842UST 3D Blu-ray Full HD 3D Supported
Blu-ray Full HD 3D Supported

BenQ MW855UST is built with latest DLP technology to support 3D functionlity, allowing schools to bring an immersive learning experience to their students with a simple preparation of 3D glasses and 3D content.

MHL Connectivity

With the support of MHL technology, teachers and students can share photos, videos, websites and even games from their Android smartphone or tablet instantly. Simply connect the smart phone or tablet to a BenQ classroom projector via an MHL cable and watch the contents mirrored on the projected screen.

MHL Connectivity

BenQ Projectors ︱ Long-Lasting Image Perfection with DLP Technology

Digital Light Processing (DLP), awarded 2015 Academy Award of Merit (Oscar statuette), is the leading projection technology used in 90% of world’s digital cinemas and 100% of IMAX theaters. With DLP dominating the worldwide projector market with over 50% share, BenQ is today the #1 bestselling DLP projector brand, delivering unmatched world-class performance.

Timeless Image Quality: Colorific Technology Delivers Lifelike Color, Year After Year

BenQ uses Colorific technology to optimize images for specific color balance effects for diverse applications such as presentations, movies and spreadsheets and photographs. Every BenQ Colorific projector generates more than one billion colors by combining up to seven different colors to create vibrant, true to life images. You'll also experience dramatic contrasts for remarkable clarity, higher impact, and greater legibility. BenQ's Colorific projectors are dependable year after year. You can rely on the colors to remain the same from day one to a decade later--without the risk of fading, ghosted images, or yellowing.

  • Accurate. Over 1 billion colors - compared to 16.7 million from many LCD projectors
  • Crisp. Bright, high contrast picture - 3x more contrast than similar top-selling LCD models
  • Long-Lasting. Consistent quality - image is the same now and years from now

Non-DLP Projector

HT1075 Timeless Image Quality

BenQ DLP Projector

HT1075 Timeless Image Quality

DLP Technology also includes a filter-free engine design for carefree confidence in long-lasting image quality and reduced TCO. BenQ’s SmartEco Technology further boosts contrast performance and image quality endurance while saving up to 70% on lamp power consumption.

Razor-Sharp Clarity with Ultra-Readability

Enabling a 96% fill factor, DLP Technology supplies pixel circuitry behind the pixel, thereby eliminating the thick dark bezels around individual pixels, which diminishes color and detail. A higher fill factor and less black border translate into noticeably purer, more intense color and smoother image quality. 

BenQ DLP Projectors also feature high contrast ratios for flawless rendering of small text, fine lines, and dark scene details. Blacks are deeper and overall image quality is more focused and clean. Your presentations will be easily readable and highly effective, even from the back row of a well-lit room.

Razor-Sharp Image Clarity

Vibrant, True-to-Life Colors

Even in well-lit venues, BenQ DLP Projectors achieve the optimal balance of brightness and color accuracy. BrilliantColor technology additionally boosts true-to-life colors that captivate. BrilliantColor enables up to six-color processing by incorporating the secondary colors Yellow, Cyan, and Magenta along with the primary Red, Blue, and Green colors. From intense hues to elusive mid-tones like aqua blues and light yellows, every presentation is rendered in pure, living splendor.

Vibrant True-to-Life Color

ecoFACTS LabelecoFACTS Label

ecoFACTS can tell you how eco-friendly BenQ products are!

Development of eco-friendly products, BenQ doesn't just want to comply with green regulations passively, but also to actively develop eco-friendly products!

ecoFACTS declares BenQ's greatest efforts on the replacement of hazardous substances, material selection, packaging design, energy-saving design and other aspects of the products.


The Innovation of BenQ Interactive solution


BenQ MW855UST Specifications

  1. Computer in 1 & 2 (D-sub 15pin)
  2. Monitor Out (D-sub 15pin)
  3. S-Video In (Mini DIN 4pin)
  4. HDMI 1 & 2
  5. LAN
  6. Composite Video in (RCA)
  7. USB (Type Mini B)
  8. PointWrite
  9. RS232 (DB-9pin)
  10. Audio In/Out (Mini Jack)
  11. Audio (L/R)
  12. USB (Type A)
BenQ MW855UST Specifications
Model MW855UST
Projection System DLP
Native Resolution WXGA (1280 x 800)
Brightness* (ANSI Lumens) 3500 ANSI Lumen
Contrast Ratio 10,000:1
Display Color 1.07 Billion Colors
Lens F2.5, f=5.1mm
Aspect Ratio Native 16:10 (5 aspect ratio selectable)
Throw Ratio 0.35
Image Size (Diagonal) 80"~100"
Zoom Ratio Fixed
Lamp Mode (Normal/ Economic/ SmartEco/ LampSave/ LumenCare)* 3,000/ 4,000/ 6,000/ NA/ NA hours
Keystone Adjustment 2D, Vertical/ Horizontal ±15 degrees
Corner fit ±5 degrees.
Projection Offset 140%~148% (±5%)
Resolution Support VGA (640 x 480) to UXGA (1600 x 1200)
Horizontal Frequency 15 - 102KHz
Vertical Scan Rate 23 - 120Hz
Lens Shift 8%
Interface Computer In (D-sub 15pin) x 2 (Share with component)
Monitor Out (D-sub 15pin) x 1
Composite Video In (RCA) x 1
S-Video In (Mini DIN 4pin) x 1
HDMI/ MHL x 2 (HDMI 1 with MHL)
Audio L/R In (RCA) x 1
Audio In (Mini Jack) x 1
Audio Out (Mini Jack) x 1
Speaker 10W x 2
USB (Type mini B) x 1 (PointWrite interactive module)
USB (Type B) x 1 (FW download)
USB (Type A) x 1 (5V 2A Power for PT02 Touch module)
RS232 (DB-9pin) x 1
IR Receiver x 1 (Front)
Dimensions (W x H x D mm) 373.3 x 287.5 x 130.2mm (w/o Mirror)
373.3 x 287.5 x 201mm (w Mirror)
HDTV Compatibility 480i, 480p, 576i, 567p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p
Video Compatibility NTSC, PAL, SECAM
Weight 5kg (w/o wall mount)
Audible Noise (Normal/Economic Mode) 34/29 dBA (Normal/ Economic mode)
Picture Modes Dynamic/ Presentation/ sRGB/ Cinema/ User 1/ User 2
Power Supply AC100 to 240V, TBD A, 50 to 60 Hz
Power Consumption Normal 320W, Standby < 0.5W
On-Screen Display Languages Arabic/Bulgarian/ Croatian/ Czech/ Danish/ Dutch/ English/ Finnish/ French/ German/ Greek/ Hindi/ Hungarian/ Italian/ Indonesian/Japanese/ Korean/ Norwegian/ Polish/ Portuguese/ Romanian/ Russian/ Simplified Chinese/Spanish/ Swedish/ Turkish/ Thai/ TraditionalChinese (28 Languages)
Accessories (Standard) Remote Control w/ Battery : RCS011
Power Cord (by region): 2.9M
User Manual CD x 1
Quick Start Guide x 1
Warranty Card (by region) x 1
VGA (D-sub 15pin) Cable x 1
Wall Mount WM04G4
Accessories (Optional) Spare Lamp Kit P/N: 5J.JC505.001
3D Glasses_DGD5 P/N: 5J.J9H25.001
PointWrite Pen Package PW01U P/N: 5J.J8L26.20E
PointWrite Touch Package PT02 P/N: 5J.J8L26.11E
*Lamp life results will vary depending on environmental conditions and usage. Actual product's features and specifications are subject to change without notice.


Download the BenQ MW855UST Data Sheet (PDF).

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BenQ MW855UST 3500 Lumens WXGA Network Pen and Touch Interactive Projector
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